Current Information

Current Information

What to consider before you visit us

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory in the entrance area, optional in the training area
  • Keep your minimum distance of 1,5 m at all times
  • A large towel is mandatory during your training (Pleas place on the machines when you train)
  • Chaining and wet room are open since June 22nd. Nonetheless, only a limited number of visitors is allowed in the changing room at the same time. For you own convenience please consider to continue coming to the gym already changed.
  • More information on changing room and sauna regulations at the bottom
  • Contact data acquirement before check in

Important notes for your training session

  • Keep at least 1,5 m away from any other visitor at all times. This must also be considered while using any machine
  • Disinfection of every machine, dumbbell, kettle bell, sling trainers, weights etc. is compulsory after use. For your own safety you may also disinfect anything before optionally.
  • Using a large towel is mandatory
  • Small items such as black roll balls, mini bands etc. are given out by out trainer staff upon request and must be returned after use
  • High intensity endurance training is not permitted in closed rooms due to high aerosol exposure

Important notes regarding our aerobic courses

  • Courses are limited to 13 Participants. Therefore, we have place cards which are given out at your check in according to first come first serve
  • Cycling sessions will take place in a covered outdoor area
  • Aerobic courses are limited to 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes break necessary to follow ventilation and disinfection requirements
  •  Please bring your own gym mat if possible
  • Courses will continue to be streamed via the usual zoom ID
  • Zoom ID: 817 2314 8513 Attention: As of July 7th our online courses will be protected with a password
  • If you want to participate in our online courses just send a short e-mail and we will send you the password

Important notes regarding changing rooms and wet rooms

  • Changing rooms are limited to a maximum number of 8 people at once. 6 places are assigned to the training area, the remaining two are assigned to the wellness area.
  • Please continue to adhere to the minimum distance of 1,5m. This means one person per bank.
  • The 6 places per changing room assigned to the training area are tracked via occupation cards. Each person occupying the changing room gets a card and returns it on the way to the training area. Only then, in case of full occupancy, can the next person enter the changing room. Please be patient in case of any waiting times due to this regulation.
  • Per wet rooms 3 showers are available for the use at the same time.
  • Please keep a distance of 2 meters when blow drying your hair. Disinfect the hair dryer after use.
  • Lockers are distributed according to a fixed order therefore, we cannot consider any preferences towards specific lockers.

Important notes regarding the wellness area

  • The wellness area is limited to 8 persons at the same time, excluding massage.
  • For usage of the sauna please acquire a card at the entrance desk to mark the occupancy. Your time in the wellness area may not exceed 60 minutes as of fairness to everyone.
  • Both saunas are set to 90°C to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Each sauna has 3 places available which are marked by the head pieces.
  • The headpieces must not be moved.
  • The deck chairs must be kept apart at least 1,5m and mustn’t be moved. Please disinfect the chair after use.
  • Cold showers must only be used by one person at a time only.
  • Steam bath and infrared cabin are still closed.
  • To use the sun bed please acquire an according card at the entrance desk.
  • Reservation of any kind of occupation card is not possible and will only be given out for immediate use.



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